HH Map

Harpur Hill – The Valley of Lime

The first location for The Rocks Cry Out Project. Discover the incredible valley of lime, and learn about the research that has been conducted there. Then head down to Derbyshire to see it for yourself! WATCH THE VIDEO!  BUY THE BOOK!

Key Points: Fossilisation, Rock Formation, Sideways Deposition, #nottimebutprocess



Coming Soon!!

Abereiddy Bay Map

Abereiddy Bay – Graptolites Galore!

Join Indy Joe at Abereiddy Bay, south-west Wales, and discover an abundance of graptolite fossils! What are they? What rocks are they in? How old are they? Grab your hammer and come and find out! Available by Autumn 2019.  

Key Points: Fossilisation, Graptolites, Missing Time, Bible’s History of Death, #nottimebutprocess



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