Charmouth & Black Ven

Charmouth & Black Ven

While Lyme Regis is perhaps the most famous location along the South Coast of the UK after the White Cliffs of Dover, Charmouth is certainly the fossil hunting capital! This location features the stretch of coast from the end of the sea defences, east of Lyme Regis, through Black Ven to Charmoth and its heritage centre.


Indy Joe writes: I first visited Charmouth as a 14-year-old. The resulting fossil finds ended up leading me to create the ‘Genesis Museum’, which would become the Genesis Museum of Creation Research, Creation Research’s first UK creation museum. The whole stretch of Jurassic Coast is spectacular, but we chose to focus on Charmouth and the cliffs of Black Ven. This is because of the accessibility, resources and geology available there – it really is spectacular!

So watch the FREE video below, order the book, and get ready for an epic adventure of sea dragons, fossil hunters and wild weather!


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