From left to right: Joseph Hubbard (Indy Joe), Sandra Bird (Blog About Britain), and Sarah-Ann Hubbard (Maiden Films).

In early 2019, Creation Research UK’s Joseph Hubbard (aka Indy Joe) joined forces with Maiden Films to begin a project that had been in the works for over six years. The vision? To create a series of short videos about geology around the UK, but from a Biblical, young-earth viewpoint. To go with the videos, a field-guide would also be produced, allowing people to visit the site for themselves, and see the evidence first-hand.

The inspiration for the project stems back to Joseph’s childhood, when there was literally no resources on Biblical geology for home-educators. Both his parents were first-generation Christians, and his dad had been an ardent atheist for several years prior. They struggled to find appropriate information that would teach the truth, and had to rely on information based either in the US or Australia. Growing up, and working through his degree in paleobiology, Joseph knew there was an urgent need to help families in the same situation.

The basis for this project sprung out of two major points:

  1.  Every geological icon around the UK has heaps of information about it. You can buy guides, join tours, download information, and there are plenty of plaques and signs at many of these places. However, all are from the viewpoint of millions of years and evolutionary assumptions. Many Christians struggle to discern what is truth and what is made up ‘false science’ (1 Timothy 6). Therefore, there is a need for good, practical information, explaining geology from a Biblical perspective.
  2. There is plenty of geology information from a Biblical viewpoint available for major icons such as the Grand Canyon, Mt. St. Helens, the dinosaur-rich Badlands, and other sites around the globe – but hardly anything for the UK. But the evidence is still there! There is nothing like being able to get involved with ‘backyard geology’, and do your own research! And that’s exactly what this project enables!

The videos are available on this website, with the accompanying book to purchase. Designed specifically with families and laymen in mind, the books are also suitable for anyone who has a desire to discover the Truth! Each book contains practical information about the site, as well as maps and directions. ‘The Big Picture’ takes you step by step through the area, teaching you as you go.  ‘In Depth’ looks deeper into the science behind the site, linking it back with real-life research conducted around the globe.

valley of limeWith involvement from Creation Research UK, Maiden Films, Blog About Britain, Indiana Joe and Creation Research International, this on-going project will continue to bring you new locations, and more resources that will help you to strengthen your faith in God’s Word, and his role as Creator, Sustainer, Saviour and Judge! The ultimate aim is to have an entire network of locations, allowing anyone, anywhere to visit their local geology and discover the truth!

Support this project today, as well as other on-going projects run by Creation Research, both in the UK and internationally. There are so many amazing locations around the UK that will be featured in this project – so keep an eye out, we could be coming near you soon!

What people are saying about The Rocks Cry Out

 “We could have done with Indiana Joe when our children were young! There was exciting material about geology and fossils available but it tended to be designed for the American market with examples all from the USA. Now, at last, here is something where all the examples are right on our own doorstep. The Rocks Cry Out is well produced and easy to use. Together the booklet and video make a “virtual” field trip that leaves you definitely wanting more. It should get you enthused about going and looking at geological formations and fossils for yourself. I’m looking forward to future productions in the Rocks Cry Out series and home education families should keep their eyes on what is coming up next when planning their holidays. The first episode certainly has me eager to rush off to Derbyshire for a look round!”

    – Christina Eastwood, Author, “God’s Dealings With Our Nation”, Home Educator.

 “Fabulous as a personal study guide or a group teaching aid. Rare to find practical research materials for creation and the Biblical narrative.”

                                                   – Jill Baker, Tour Guide, Biblical Tours UK.

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