Abereiddy Bay

Abereiddy Bay

Land of graptolites, trilobites and an intriguing case of missing time! As one of the premium fossil-hunting locations in Wales, it is a must visit for all enthusiasts, despite it being slightly out-of-the-way – but all for adventure, eh!


Indy Joe writes: Getting to Abereiddy Bay is an adventure through the Welsh countryside, but when you get there, it is well worth the travel! It is one of the best locations for graptolite fossils in the UK, and the geology and scenery is stunning! The Blue Lagoon is also spectacular, and gives us a very good opportunity to explore the mystery of the missing time, and where the idea of millions of years entered into science.

So grab your hammer and chisel, stick a good hat on, and get out exploring! Or, alternatively, find a comfy armchair, buy the book, and delve into the film with Indiana Joe!


Watch the video HERE!

Get the book HERE!

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